Zeroflame AquaSteel WB+ 10L
Zeroflame AquaSteel WB+ 10L
Product Reference: ZFP406498
Barcode: 5055297406498
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Achieves both ½ hour and 1 hour fire resistance on structural steel

Zeroflame continue to make things simpler. Normally calculating the required material to achieve fire protection for structural steel involves the complicated and time consuming process of getting details of all the steel members involved in the project and calculating the exact amount of material required for each one. Now things have been made even simpler. AquaSteel WB+ Intumescent Coating combines the ability to protect all standard steel sizes and profiles for both ½ hour and 1 hour fire resistance in a single product.

• Suitable for use on all standard steel sizes and profiles

• Tested to internationally accepted standards

• Water based

• Can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray

• Simple specification

• Full specification and application details included on container label

• Certificate application included with each container

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